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Our founder


At just 16, Colette Maynard joined the English National Ballet and would go on to dance
around the globe with major international companies. By 32 years old, she made the difficult,
albeit unavoidable, decision to leave dance behind when chronic injuries took their toll.
After several years of feeling disconnected from her body and herself, Colette stumbled
upon Laughing Lotus Yoga in New York City.
From her first moment within this eclectic studio filled with music, chanting, unique flows, and
loving energy, Colette knew she was home.
It was there that she would heal her relationship with her body and mind. Colette did over
650 hours of Teacher Training with the studio’s founder, Dana Trixie Flynn, and Senior
Teachers, including Sheri Celentano, Victor Colleti, Ali Cramer, and Felipe Gonzalez.
Colette has been living and teaching in Madrid since 2017 at Zentro Urban Yoga and the IE
University. She became known for her creative Vinyasa flow sequencing, skillful teaching,
and the soulful energy she would share with her students.
After moving to Alicante, she decided to finally follow her dream of creating a home for ALL
Yogis dedicated to the magic of genuine human connection and divine movement.

Colette Maynard

Colette Maynard